Overlanding Colombia?

Welcome to Paradise!!! Whether you like intense offroading or easy highway driving through incredible scenery, nature and tranquility or partying and big city life, there is something for everyone in Colombia. The diversity of people, cultures, flora and fauna, climates and landscapes is breathtaking.

Since arriving in South America in 2014 and opening Steel Horse Colombia in 2016, we kept in contact with may friends we met on the road and many more overlanders that stayed with us at our farm. We always make a point of asking where everyone’s favourite places have been. Overtime we have collected quite a big list of ‘must travel’ roads, hidden jems, and places on and off the tourist trail that are well worth visiting!

Colombia has an INSANE amount of incredible places to see! To help you plan your trip we have made this map highlighting the best ones, as recommended by other motorcyclists, overlander travellers and adventurers.

Some here you have it… our treasure map! Some of the top routes, things to see, and places to visit as recommended by people like YOU!

For more locations (including some of our favorite secret locations), please come and see us and we can show you how to find extra hidden gems (secret hot springs, untouched villages, incredible on and off road trails, etc). Happy travelling!

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