Welcome to Steel Horse Colombia!

WE ARE OPEN AGAIN!!! Access to the farm has been limited for much of 2018 as the road was being paved. Finally the work is complete and the road has fully re opened to fellow travellers once again!!!

If you are looking for somewhere to stay for Christmas please let us know ASAP as places are booking up quickly. We dont want anyone to be disappointed!

Message us via whatsapp +57 323 5978524 or email steelhorsecolombia@hotmail.com to RESERVE A PLACE FOR THE CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!

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We are 2 Brit’s who decided to take a break from the rat race. We quit our jobs in London, sold everything we owned, packed our bags and set off on an adventure around the world.

We travelled around South America on motorbikes and picked up a street dog on the way. The plan was to keep on going but that fell by the wayside when we fell in love with a rural farming town in Colombia called Filandia. We were captivated by the magic of this little town, its people and it’s stunning location.

One thing led to another and in 2016 we bought a dilapidated horse ranch with the aim of turning it into the best home away from home for fellow travellers.

Come and join us on this (often comical) adventure as two city workers do their best to integrate into the local Colombian community and bring an old farm back to it’s former glory.

We invite you to stay with us on our farm and find out for yourselves why this part of the world is so special and why we simply couldn’t leave.

To keep this place special Our Location is kept Secret.

We are not sign posted. We don’t advertise on booking websites. Travellers find us through word of mouth. You won’t be able to see us from the road. Check out our directions before trying to find us and please let us know you are on your way so we can make sure we are at the property and not on an adventure ourselves!



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