Welcome to Steel Horse Colombia!

Made For Travellers By Travellers!!!
Life is an adventure and travelling is our passion.

2 Bikers and a rescued street dog travelled South America on Motorcycles, bought a farm in the mountains of central Colombia and have now opened their doors to bring you Steel Horse Hostel!

Update: From July until August the gravel track to our farm is being paved. We are open but it breaks our hearts to say this; Vehicles with 4 wheels are unable to reach us until the work is done, and big motorbikes/ road bikes may find it difficult to reach us. 

Message us via whatsapp +57 323 5978524 or email steelhorsecolombia@hotmail.com to ask for the latest update on road conditions.

To all those who have visited us so far on Harley`s, 7m long big rigs, sports cars, sports bikes, horses, bicycles, scooters and scooters with sidecars (you know who you are!) You will always be our heroes! For all those 2 wheeled vehicles who dare to take on the challenge of navigating the road works – you too will be our heroes and enter the Steel Horse Hall of Fame!

Meanwhile, here at Steel Horse we are working harder than ever to bring you THE BEST overlander retreat EVER!!! When our newly paved road is re-opened not only will we will be more easy to access – but we will have some incredible new treats in store for you!!!

We have listened to the feedback from every overlander that has visited us so far (and we have hosted well over 1000 of you….  taken this advice, mixed up with some of our own crazy ideas over some tequila brain storming and voilà – created a plan for building THE BEST Ever Overlander Resort!  We are working our arses off to be ready for the grand opening once the road is re-opened (but of course we don`t have exact dates for this – we are in Colombia after all, we hope the road will be finished August 2018 ish).

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Your journey is our passion and our adventure is to create a haven for our fellow Travellers. We have paused our journey and decided to stay a while to make this a special place for other, like minded people. Our mission is to be THE BEST Overlander retreat; A place you all can meet, relax, recharge and refuel and plan the next stage of your adventure. Come and Join us!!!

You won’t find us on booking.com or any of the other common websites as we are fans of adventures and and those who seek authentic experiences a bit further off the well worn track. We rely on word of mouth and the recommendations of travellers and hence have an awesome crowd of people turn up. We plan to keep it this way! If you enjoyed your stay please help us spead the message 🙂

Send us an email steelhorsefilandia@hotmail.com, call or send a WhatsApp message to +57 323 597 8524 and we will be delighted to reserve you a place… And ensure we ourselves are not out exploring! See you soon, Yvette, Paul, Benji and all the animals.