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There is so much to see and do around here we don’t know where to start! Here is a quick summary of some of the things on offer at the farm, in Filandia, and in Quindio (the local region). We have heaps more information here so come on down and we can help you decide what adventures to have!

Things to do in town Filandia

Simply enjoy the local town of Filandia, part of the Cultural Coffee Region, a UNESCO world heritage site: We are located at the heart of the coffee district, the perfect place to experience the local coffee farming cultures, relax in the stunning landscapes and savour the taste of the fresh coffee that has made this area so special and enabled it to become a UNESCO listed, world heritage site. Some of the worlds finest coffee is grown in Filandia. Immerse yourself with a tour around a local coffee farm or simply enjoy a delicious cup in Filandia’s colourful, colonial square.


Restaurants: From local cafes selling quick snacks to quality dining, Filandia has a large selection of places to eat to suit all budgets and tastes.  Helena Adentro is our favorite and the Thai restaurant Tuk Tuk is also fantastic!

Coffee shops: Filandia is famous for specialty coffees. Our favorite coffee shops are Jose Fernando and Cafe Claudia if you are a tea lover we recommend Salon de Tea in the main plaza for their wide selection of loose leaf teas.

Take a Coffee Tour: We have great relationships with our local coffee farming neighbours who offer personalised tours of their farms and love to share their knowledge and passion for growing coffee.

The Mirador: Watch the sunset from the mirador, a huge view viewing platform that looks a bit like a spaceship!

Local events and festivals: Immerse yourself with the artisanal markets, Willys Jeep parades, Horse processions and other fun happenings throughout the year!

Barbas-Bremen National Park: We are located next to this beautiful protected reserve filled with howler monkeys, exotic birds and butterflies. There are a number of beautiful hiking trails through this protected forest that you can experience with a local guide.

barbas howler monkey Filandia. Steel Horse

Things to do right here at the farm

Relax and Recharge: Or, you could simply spend time on our finca, enjoy hand-feeding our animals on the farm, exploring the hostel grounds and watching the local wildlife from the patio or your balcony.

Hiking: Around our finca you can find several beautiful waterfalls. To get to them you hike through lush green valleys and along crystal clear creeks flowing past huge tropical plants that wouldn’t look out of place in Jurassic park!

Cycling: Cycle between the local coffee fincas testing their artisanal brews or take a trip down-hill through banana plantations to the next town returning with the locals in their historic Willys jeeps.

Horse riding: Whether you would like a 30 minute stroll or a full day of riding we have you covered!

Things to do as a longer day trip (in Quindio, the local department)

Los Nevados: Breath taking off-roading and hiking into the mountains of these incredible volcanos in Los Nevados National park.

Cocora Valley: Famous for the worlds highest palm tree. Speak to us about how to find off-the-beaten-track routes with the best views!


Paragliding: The views of the coffee district from the sky are simply breath taking. We can introduce you to the best, fully licenced companies with fully qualified bilingual guides that can take you sky high, soaring over the beautiful landscapes of the countryside.

Tour the local towns: There are some incredible hidden gems around here. Speak to us about where to find untouched colonial coffee towns rich in culture and history.

Visit the hot springs and thermal baths at Santa Rosa : After all the hot springs we visited in our tour around South America we can hands down say that these thermal baths are hands down the best!

santa rosa

Tour the coffee district by motorcycle or Jeep: Everyone who has taken a day tour of the coffee region has arrived back at he finca with beaming smiles and stories of the local people they have met, cultures they have experienced, and rich coffee they have tasted.

Parque del Cafe Theme Park: With rollercoasters, coffee tours and performances with local dancers.

Botanical Garden and Mariposario (butterfly farm):

Zip-lining: Take an exhilarating soar through the trees.

Recuca Coffee Park and Tours

Panaca: A big farm park with interactive displays. Great for children!


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