About Us

Originally from the UK, we spent 2 years exploring South America on motorcycles to find the very best loction to base our adventure tour company. After a long search we finally reached the vibrant, colourful, colonial farming town of Filandia, in the heart of Colombia, and were totally captivated by its magic.

This little town is rich in history, bursting with culture and is surrounded by some of the most biodiverse nature reserves in the world. We fell madly in love with this paradise and bought a 5 acre hacienda horse ranch to use as a base for breathtaking adventures.

Filandia, is nestled in the hills at the base of the Andes mountains and enjoys spring like weather all year round. Our farm is situated in the centre of Colombia’s iconic coffee district and surrounded on all sides by lush green pastures, coffee farms, bamboo forests, tropical jungles and hidden rivers. Located between Bogota, Medellin and Cali, close to Salento, we are very easy to get to by plane, public transport of your own vehicle.

What are you waiting for? Come and stay with us and let us show you the very best of magical Colombia!

Send us a message to reserve your place and find more about our adventures on offer!

Steel Horse Filandia (82 of 86)
View of the countryside around our farm.


Ariel view of Steel Horse Colombia.

Adventure Bike line up!

Since opening, word of the farm spread and an unusual mix of travellers, wanderers and adventurers started showing up. People circumnavigating the world in scooters with side cars, army veterans that crossed the darien gap on foot dragging their motorcycles through the treacherous jungle, people walking from Argentina to Alaska, couples on world record attempts and a peculiar English guy travelling from the northern most pub in the world to the Southern most pub in a TVR chimera.

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