Horseback Riding: Day Trips and Short Tours

All our routes are found through personal scouting missions and are exclusive to us. You won’t find other tour companies on these trails, we venture off the beaten track to bring you the best of Colombia, and unveil the hidden jems of the region. Ride with us to find out why this part of the world is so magical!

Coffee tour horse ride

Our farm, Steel Horse Colombia, is nestled in the stunning scenery at the edge of the Andes Mountains. We have a fabulous range of exciting routes and trails that we invite you to explore . Beginner or advanced, nervous or confident we cater for all ages and abilities. From technical trails crossing rivers, to relaxing strolls with stunning views, we have something for everyone. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to fulfill your dreams!

Some of our popular routes are listed below. Contact us to find out more, or to let us help you decide which is best for you!

Things to bring for your ride with us
~Sun cream and Hat
~Camera or phone for photos
~Suitable clothes for horse riding. Jeans or leggings (not shorts) to protect your legs, sturdy footwear (trainers or hiking boots are fine).
~ Swimwear if you want to have a dip in the river during the full day ride
~ Light weight rain coat (we also bring ponchos just in case)
~ Optional~ Carrots! Our horses LOVE them!
~ We will also need your full name and passport details for the booking.

Journey to the River. Our most popular tour.
Full day horse riding adventure through coffee farming country.
An awesome trail for both novice and expert riders. We ride at your pace!

Heading out around 10 am in the morning we will set off from Steel Horse Farm on beautiful country lanes to the North West of Filandia. The route will take us across some of Quindios most beautiful valleys, past coffee plantations, pasture fields with cows, horses and mules, past bamboo forests filled with birds and butterflies and into remote little country villages on a quest to reach the crystal clear waters of El Rio. On the way you will get to experience the real Colombia. See how the locals live and work and use local materials to build their houses.
After 3 hours of riding we will reach the river, where you can enjoy taking the horses in for a refreshing dip and even go for a swim yourself if you feel like braving the cool mountain waters! We will have a picnic and a beer on the river bank before heading across the valley for another 3 hour ride back to Steel Horse Farm.
~ 8+ hours with the horses, 6+ hours in the saddle
~An hour at the river swimming and having a picnic with the horses.
~ Getting to know and handling the horses from the ground, tacking up and preparation in the morning and washing the horses down and feeding in the evening.
~Fresh coffee in the morning before we head off. Picnic style lunch with sandwiches, crisps, chocolate, fruit and a drink.
~$390,000 cop per person

Morning or Afternoon Horseback Adventure through the Coffee Landscape (1,2 or 3 hours of riding)
Horse riding opens the door to truly experiencing Colombian campesino culture. From the higher vantage point on the back of a horse, you can see over the fences and enjoy the nature, wildlife and be a part of rural Colombia’s daily life. During this ride we will head out across the beautiful trails around the farm, travelling past coffee and banana plantations, through lush green cow pastures and past bamboo forests, all with Barbas Bremen rainforest and Los Nevados national park in the backdrop.

~ Getting to know and handling the horses from the ground, tacking up and preparation in the morning and washing the horses down and feeding after the ride (available for the 2 or 3 hour ride if you wish).
~ Cold drink and a snack
~ 3 hour ride $160,000 cop per person
~ 2 hour ride $120,000 cop per person
~ 1 hour ride $85,000 cop per person

Visit an Authentic Coffee farm on Horse Back
After checking out all the local coffee tours, we stumbled upon a local farmer whos passion and love for coffee is inspiring. On this ride we will take you to visit and explore his stunning coffee farm and learn all about how the worlds most popular drink is produced. A fascinating man, he is also an artisan and will delight in showing you his 65 year old antique camera, a treasure that supported his own adventures across Europe.
~ 5 hour tour, including 3 hours of horse riding and 2 hour coffee tour
~ It is also possible to do this tour with 2 hours of riding. Message us for details.
~ $390,000cop per person

Technical Adventure Ride Across Rivers and Valleys (Available from May through to August).
This route is hands down one of our favorite day tours. Not for the faint hearted, these trails snake across private land and take you along mule paths that are over 200years old, across rivers, through jungles and across spectacular scenery. Test your riding skills and be blown away by the strength and agility of our sure footed horses as they scale up and down the sides of steep valleys. After the second river crossing we will have a picnic lunch at and take a short walk to a hidden waterfall.
~4 to 5 hours of riding
~ Fresh coffee in the morning before we head off. Picnic style lunch with sandwiches, crisps, chocolate, fruit and a drink.
~ $390,000 cop per person

3.5km Sunset or taster ride (45+ minutes)
We take you on a, 3.5 km round trip ride to the top of our valley and back down again to enjoy the sunset over the green rolling hills of the Colombia’s famous coffee district. Dont forget your camera ~ we are happy to take photos for you! The view on the way down is Amazing!
$85,000cop per person

Experienced riders can enjoy a good canter along the quiet tracks whilst novice riders can learn the basics of riding and experience the thrill of riding at a quicker pace if they so wish or simply relax at a slower speed. We tailor our rides to make sure you have a good time!

If you are looking for a more hands on approach and want to spend some quality time with your horse, you are welcome to help us groom, tack up, bath and feed them before and after your ride.

Tailored Rides and anything else!
If you have any requests, anything horse related you would like to try, please ask us.
Whether it be to ride a horse without a saddle, enjoy a night ride to watch the stars and marvel at the city lights far away, practice your riding skills with some one on one coaching, have your first canter or gallop on a horse, learn how to tack up, train or handle these beautful animals from the ground or something else, then we want to hear from you!

Tell us what you are looking for and we will be delighted to tailor your ride!

Get in touch

Interested in one of our one-day horse riding tours? Let us know how many people are travelling, which tour you like the look of and your preferred dates and we´ll get back to you with more details.

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