Horseback Riding Tours in Colombia

Saddle up for an adventure and experience Colombia the traditional way – on horseback!

Whether you´re looking for an exhilarating horse ride across the mountains, or a quiet, relaxing stroll to take in the beautiful scenery and wildlife, we´ve got you covered. From short, 60-minute rides to 10-day tours, from calm horses to feisty ones, we can plan the perfect trip especially for you.

Why ride with Steel Horse

Ride with a clear conscience knowing that your steed is happy
We take pride in providing all our animals with the highest standards of equine care and welfare. Our horses are part of our family. They all receive the best food, medical care, 5-acres to roam around in during the day, warm stables at night and a minimum of two days rest out in the fields per week.

Consequently, they are delighted to take you out on a ride. They all have fantastic lives at Steel Horse Farm. Just speak to any of our former guests or read our reviews and they will all attest to how much we love our animals.

Ride knowing that our horses are well-trained to suit all riders
We take time to understand each horse individually and train them all with compassion, patience and skill. If you would like to learn more about classical riding, or simply how to stay in the saddle without bouncing around then we are happy to provide one-on-one coaching during your ride. 

Ride and have fun
At the end of the day this is what we are all here for! We ride at your pace. Whether it be at a fast canter for an experienced rider or a relaxed stroll on a calm, safe horse for a beginner, we make sure the ride is tailored to you and that you enjoy the ride.


Horse riding tours we offer

Adventure is our passion and horses are our obsession. Here in Colombia these two go hand in hand! Now it´s time for you to choose your adventure – an afternoon, full-day or week-long horseback tour? You decide, and we´ll make it happen!

  • Man on one-day horse ride with Steel Horse
  • Family on one-day horse ride with Steel Horse

Day trips and short tours

Sample horse-riding with a 1hr introductory ride, enjoy the local countryside for an afternoon, or venture further afield for a full-day.

  • Colombian landscape seen on multi-day horse ride with Steel Horse
  • Colombian landscape seen on multi-day horse ride with Steel Horse

Multi-day and adventure rides

Traverse the Colombian Andes on horseback with unique tours that range from three to six-day adventures. Or design your own with our help.

  • Group of riders on tour with Steel Horse
  • Woman meeting her steed for her horse ride with Steel Horse
  • Woman on her horse at Steel Horse

Horses to suit all riders

Our rides are suitable for both experienced and novice riders, as we´ll match you to the right horse according to your ability. Our horses are all calm, and well-trained and will look after novice riders. At the same time experienced riders will enjoy the responsiveness of our horses and the smoothness of their gait.

We can also give you an insight into Colombia’s justified obsession with the Paso Fino and other famous Colombian gaited breeds. Please let us know when you book with us what riding experience you have.

Maximum weight limit of 100kg / 220 pounds.

Have cyclists with you?

Let us know and we will organise an incredible adventure for them on two wheels, stopping at the same break points as we do with the horses, so you can enjoy lunch or the overnight stay together!

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