Horseback Riding: Multi-Day Tours and Adventure Holiday’s

Experience the magic of Colombia by horseback and travel through the most beautiful and untouched parts of this incredible country with our strong, happy and well trained horses. Our routes will take you across the Colombian Andes, through breathtaking scenery, to luxury Haciendas well off the beaten path. We will ride through some of the worlds most spectacular landscapes, through jungles, across mountains, through forests and paramo plains.

All our tours can be tailored to meet your individual needs. We keep group mall (between 2 or 4 riders plus ourselves with us into the guides) to ensure you have the best time and we ride at your pace. Read on to find out more about our multiday tours.

Los Nevados, Andes Mountain Tour

Ride with us into the spectacular Andes Mountains and make memories that will last a lifetime! We will be staying at authentic Colombian farms in the mountains and jungle reserves in some of Colombia’s most beautiful and untouched national parks.

Hacienda Tour through Colombia’s Iconic Coffee district

Our 2, 3 or 4 day Hacienda tours will take you through the heart of Colombia’s stunning coffee growing landscape (Awarded UNESCO heritage status due to the beauty and cultural interest of these very special lands). Farming and life here continues as it did hundreds of years ago. Our route winds through jungles filled with a huge biodiversity of plants and animals (including howler monkeys!), through valleys with fresh mountain rivers and streams and into quaint Colombian towns well off the beaten path. At the end of each day we will stay overnight in beautiful haciendas surrounded by nature, whilst our horses relax on the grounds with good food and hay. Enjoy a swim in the pool or simply relax in a hammock with a well deserved cold beer, glass of wine or exotic fruit juice. The food served is hearty and will set you up for the following day of riding.

If you dont have much time we can also provide a 2 day hacienda tour by removing the last nights stay at Steel Horse Farm.

Andes Wilderness Tour
This tour is not for the faint hearted! This ride will test your endurance as we will be riding into the remote Mountains of Los Nevados National park. If you are up for a challenge, are in good health with a good level of fitness, then contact us for more information and get ready for a life changing adventure!

During these tours we will ride through stunning landscapes with spectacular views of the vast valleys during the day and the shooting stars in the skys at night. We will visit the home of the Andean Condors during this ride and see some of these spectacular birds, with their huge wingspan of up to 3.10m, soaring through the sky in their natural habitat.

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