We are looking for friends to journey with us on horseback across the Colombian Andes Mountains!!!

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

This October we will be heading out from our Farm, Steel Horse Colombia, in Filandia, and riding across Colombia’s iconic coffee district to reach the breathtaking Andes Mountains. We will ride across this intensely beautiful and wild landscapes on our trusted horses, side by side with our Colombian Cowboy friends. Why not join us on this expedition?

In 2018 we spent 6 weeks riding across the central Andes Mountains with our horses. The experience was phenomenal. This time will will be heading out on a new route along new stretches of mountains. We will be leaving our farm week commencing 6th October. The trip will consist of 4 days riding, 4 nights acommodation staying in a mix of local farms and rustic lodges on ecological reserves. Are you up for the challenge? We are looking for friends to help us test this expedition. Come with us for and adventure you wont forget!

We are looking for team members who have a true sense of adventure and are willing to test their limits. If you have a confident and laidback attitude, are not afraid of the unknown, love exploring and travelling off the beaten track, then you may be just who we are looking for… We need team members who are not afraid to get dirty, nor afraid of long days exploring. We need adventurers who will push boundaries and come with us on the extra mile to achieve something outsanding.

Contact us if you want to be part of this journey and join us for an adventure of a life time!

Send us your name, nationality, age, tell us about your hobbies and level of fitness, and why you think you are the explorer that we are looking for.

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