The Farm

When we first set eyes on the Farm we knew it was going to be something special.

Steel Horse Colombia

The hacienda is set on its own hill with 360 degree views of magnificent, lush green rolling scenery (think “Lord of the Rings, Hobbit World” and you are there!).

Nestled within 5 acres of land, the main house is surrounded by gardens filled with humming birds, parrots and butterflies. There is plenty of space for the horses (real ones) and lots of fantastic on and off road riding routes for the Steel ones!

Steel Horse started out from humble beginnings. The day we moved in, the house was empty. The old owner greeted us at the door and asked if he could help with our bags. The look on his face was priceless when we told him that everything we owned was stuffed into our motorcycle pannies, apart from Benji Sanchez, the dog we picked up from Cartegena, she was riding on the back of the motorcycle. We had no furniture, no hot water, no wifi, no cinema, no table tennis, no beer fridge, no guest kitchen, no horses or pigs! The main roof leaked creating a swimming pool on the second floor every time it rained, the electrics were downright dangerous, the stables were in disrepair and the water supply would often be cut off.

Despite this we opened our doors to travellers just 2 weeks after moving in at Christmas 2016. At the same time work began to bring the farm back to its former glory. Extensive renovations have now been completed on the main house and we are honoured to have had so many fantastic people here to stay with us!

Thank you to all the amazing travellers that have stayed and thank you to those who plan to stay in the future. You have all made Steel Horse into what it is today!

Our goal always has been, and always will be, to provide a home away from home for travellers, a place to meet interesting people from around the world, and an awesome base for you to explore this incredible part of Colombia.

We always have new projects on the go, and are constantly investing into the farm to make it even more special for you.

  • We currently have:
  • Fast Wifi, The very best available in Rural Colombia,
  • Proper Hot showers,
  • BBQ and Smoker,
  • Table tennis, Book shelf, Board Games,
  • Nintendo 64 with Mario cart, Golden Eye and projector,
  • Movie Nights on our cinema projector
  • Family style evening meals
  • Tried and Tested First Hand Tourist information
  • Humming bird gardens
  • Hammocks
  • Fire pit
  • Soon to come….. Glamping, Jacuzzi, Bigger outside Bar, with Pool tables.
  • Soon to Come….. 4, 6 and 8 day Horse Trekking into the Andes Mountains.

Made for Adventurers, by Adventures!

Steel Horse Colombia is waiting for you!

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