Latest Updates- Road Conditions

To all those who have visited us and travelled down our little off road track on Harley`s, sports cars, sports bikes, horses, bicycles, 7m long big rigs, scooters and scooters with sidecars (you know who you are!) You will always be our heroes!

Alas, in the next few months we will no longer have our little off road track because IT’S BEING PAVED!!!

We expect the road to be finished early October (ish). In the mean time we are still open and providing a haven for travellers, however only 2 wheeled vehicles (and hikers) can reach us until the roadworks are complete.

  • Please contact us to reserve a place and also get up to date information on the road works: email: or whatsapp: +57 323 5978524

Up for a challenge and want to tackle the track? – Here’s a detailed description of what you can expect:
The road is being paved in sections (roughly 100m long). Usually access is open for motorcycles (our local farming neighbors use motorcycles to transport milk and produce to town each day). To reach us you will need to pass through these sections of road works. This includes driving over small mounds of sand and gravel and sometimes along narrow paths past cement mixers. Occasionally the road is completely closed for a day to allow the fresh cement to dry.

In a vehicle and can’t reach us? We are sorry that we can’t host you. If you are ever passing this way again please come and stay!

Right now we are working harder than ever to bring you THE BEST Overlander retreat EVER!!! When our newly paved road is re-opened not only will we will be more easy to access – but we will have some incredible new treats in store for you!!!

We have listened to the feedback from every Overlander that has visited us so far (and we have hosted well over 1000 of you…. taken this advice, mixed up with some of our own crazy ideas over some tequila brain storming and voilà – created a plan for building THE BEST EVER Overlander Resort! We are working our arses off to be ready for the grand opening once the road is re-opened (but of course we don`t have exact dates for this – we are in Colombia after all, we hope the road will be finished early October 2018 ish).

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